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Bortek offers a wide selection of cleaning equipment to better serve your specific cleaning needs.
FactoryCat Mag-HD Walk-Behind Automatic Floor Scrubber - Buy New Scrubbers


Floor scrubbers are specifically designed using water and a cleaning chemical solution to remove debris and scrub surfaces such as concrete tile and laminated floors. Choose from walk-behind and rider scrubber equipment to find the perfect industrial floor-scrubber machine for you.
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Powerboss Atlas Rider Floor Sweeper - Buy New Sweepers


Floor Sweepers use brooms and a vacuum system to pick up and remove dry debris from just about any floor surface. Whether you are cleaning compact or large floor areas, Bortek offers walk-behind and rider sweeper equipment with options to fit your needs.
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Powerboss Nautilus Sweeper-Scrubber - Buy New Sweeper/Scrubbers


Sweeper-Scrubbers use water/detergent and vacuum systems to thoroughly sweep and scrub floor surfaces with regular debris. Effectively clean large indoor or outdoor industrial spaces in one pass. If you only have time for one-pass cleaning or only room for one machine in your budget, sweeper-scrubbers are the way to go.
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Global Street Sweeper - Buy New Street Sweepers

Street Sweepers

Discover these cost-efficient machines with a mechanical-suction system, water saving features, and low environmental impact. Keep the streets and sidewalks clean and check out our street sweeper selection today. Your municipality deserves the best.
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Aquatech Sewer Jet/Vac Hydro Excavator Trucks

Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Municipal cleaning doesn’t end with sweeping! Now you can count on Bortek for sewer-cleaning hydro jet/vac vehicles, trailer-mounted jetters, and specialized sewer jetter nozzles. Blast away clogs, cut through roots, and vacuum up debris and overflows in your storm and sanitary sewer systems. Available for rental and purchase.
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X-Vac Hydro Excavators

Hydro / Air Excavation

When you need to safely and precisely dig up buried utilities or narrow trenches or holes, a hydro excavator is the machine for the job. Slice through even frozen ground with a jet of high-pressure water, then vacuum up the debris for removal.
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Cyclone Pressure Washer Recovery Vehicle

Bike & Walking Path Cleaning

We have a variety of equipment that’s suited for cleaning pedestrian and bike walkways, from mini street sweepers to pressure washing and recovery systems. 100% electric sweeping options are available. For sidewalks, college campuses, bike lanes, and the like, we have a solution for you.
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Minuteman Series Vacuum Cleaners - Buy Commercial Vacuums

Commercial Cleaning

Hoping to spruce up your company with some commercial cleaning equipment? Count on our equipment for durability and versatility for application in almost any environment with heavy-duty, lightweight, battery powered, wet-dry, and numerous other options available.​​​​​​​​
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