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Flexible Cleaning Equipment Repair Service to Fit Your Needs

Whether you have a fleet of machines, or one or two, choose only genuine Bortek Industries service, parts, and support.

Equipment We Service

Our factory-trained technicians are experienced in servicing commercial and industrial cleaning equipment including:

  • Floor Scrubbers
  • Sweepers
  • Street Sweepers
  • Water Jetters
  • Sewer Jet/Vac Trucks
  • Hydro Excavators

Trust Bortek Industries Service to keep your equipment up and running Bortek Industries Service Solutions take the worry and hesitation out of maintaining your equipment by offering several service program options, each designed to fit your unique business needs.

Each service program provides you with the flexibility and confidence that your machine will be serviced in the manner you predetermine and all service is delivered by the same qualified Bortek Industries mobile service reps you’ve trusted for years. In fact, all service reps undergo rigorous background checks for your assurance.

Keep your cleaning program running at peak productivity with the industry’s most comprehensive service programs, delivered by the largest independently owned, locally based service and support network.
Walk Behind Scrubbers

Planned Maintenance

Although Bortek Industries cleaning equipment is backed by one the best, comprehensive warranties in the industry, it’s best to pair that warranty with a planned maintenance agreement – for complete coverage. If your machine is not maintained the warranty may be voided.

When you combine your factory warranty with a planned maintenance agreement you help increase the life-cycle of your machine while maximizing uptime. Your planned maintenance agreement, which includes over 50 checks and adjustments, will cover items and repairs not covered by warranty. In addition, if your equipment needs repair during a routine maintenance call, your Bortek Industries Service Technician can usually make these repairs at that time.

Scrubbers are available in walk-behind and rider models to suit any size application.

Huge Service and Distribution Facilities

No matter what kind of mess needs cleaning throughout the cities, towns and suburbs of the Northeast, Bortek Industries has you covered. From sidewalks covered in bird droppings to parking lots littered with gum sticks and oil spots, Bortek carries a full range of sweepers for sale as well as for rent that will handle virtually any kind of cleaning challenge, from the narrowest of driveways to the tightest of corners.

Even if you need your main, local thoroughfare looking spic and span the morning after a big parade, you’ll find the right kind of street sweeper at any of our seven Northeast locations. By the crack of dawn, that street will look as though nothing had happened the night before. All of the confetti, paper cups and junk will have disappeared, leaving the street curbs spotless and as shiny as new — all thanks to the cleaning power of Bortek machinery.

Bortek has locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where you can find every type of cleaning machinery imaginable — from vacuums, floor scrubbers and pressure washers to sweepers, concrete polishers and carpet extractors. Best of all, our machines provide maximum efficiency, which is essential considering the fact that labor accounts for 90 percent of most cleanup costs.

Labor Accounts

Whether your job calls for a large cleaning vehicle or a manually operated tool, we’ll have it on hand throughout the year for any kind of weather. For jobs that require large street sweepers, there’s no mess too big for the sweeping vehicles in our inventory.

Small-Scale Sweepers

If your cleaning operation concerns small-scale settings such as parking spaces, you can choose from plenty of compact cleaning machines, such as the parking lot sweeper models in our PowerBoss, Factory Cat, and Dulevo lines. With street and parking lot sweepers, the intensive manual work of such jobs is greatly reduced as all of the cleaning is done via switches, buttons and levers — and it all gets done in just a fraction of the time that it would have taken with rakes, bags and brooms.

When you use tools and machinery from Bortek, you don’t have to worry about malfunctions or breakdowns: If anything goes awry with any piece of equipment that you buy or rent from us, our skilled service people will come out to your site to fix the problem. Whether you need sweeper repairs, scrubber repairs or cleaning equipment maintenance, we offer repair services for anyone in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, and Ohio.

For more than 40 years, the Bortek name has been associated with the finest machines, the best service, one of the widest inventories of cleaning equipment and some of the most skilled and knowledgeable service specialists. There’s no mess that can’t be cleaned with the tools and vehicles in the Bortek inventory.

Even if the job is so enormous that it takes your team a total of ten sweepers to get the job done, you’ll love the finished results — the likes of which can all be made possible with our machinery.

Reliable and Responsive Staff

The cleaning industry has always been a fast-paced business, with hundreds of different operations both large and small going on each day in every town and city. Throughout all the hustle and bustle, Bortek Industries has always taken the time to address the needs of each customer, whether it involves a rental, sale or repair on any new or used piece of cleaning machinery.

When new customers come into any one of our locations to inquire about the scrubbers, sweepers and the other assorted cleaning equipment in our inventory, our knowledgeable sales staff go over the ins and outs of relevant models to ensure that each customer gets the perfect match in a piece of machinery for their on-the-job needs. Since we’re a leading name in the Northeast’s industrial cleaning repair, rentals, sales, service and maintenance, you can always count on the staff here at Bortek to deliver the kind of equipment that will make your cleaning jobs easier, faster and much more efficient.

BatteryParts and Service on All Major Brands

Bortek Industries is committed to the maximum performance of all the vehicles, tools and parts that people buy and rent from our facilities. To that end, we recommend that machine parts be checked up on a regular basis to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently so that jobs get done with the least amount of downtime possible.

Many different parts of motorized sweepers and scrubbers are integral to the overall performance of the unit, whether the unit in question is a vehicle or a manually operated piece of machinery. Batteries, belts, blades and filters are in particular need of regular attention, because these are the parts of cleaning units that determine whether a given machine will power on to move as needed and clean as desired, all while keeping dirt away from the motor.

The Battery

When powering on a sweeper or scrubber, the battery holds the most immediate importance because it determines whether the cleaner even activates. Nonetheless, even if the battery is powering on, you still need to listen to the performance of the cleaner now and then to ensure that it’s getting all the power necessary to clean with maximum efficiency. If the cleaner starts to sound like it’s running low on energy, you might need a new battery.

How long a battery will last before needing to be replaced will depend on your usage, but if it’s no longer holding a charge, that’s a good sign that it’s time for a new battery.
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The Belts

One part of the machinery that is crucial to the performance of any sweeper or scrubber is the belts. Though they’re not often seen, the belts ensure that various internal and external parts run smoothly, such as the spinning brushes and cleaning mechanisms.

However, the belts can stretch out and erode over time as heat takes its toll within the cleaner. Heat is the enemy of rubber — the material that belts are made of — and when rubber belts get hot, they stretch to the point of uselessness. Therefore, you must replace belts before they get too worn out to serve their purpose within a given piece of cleaning machinery.

Partially Worn Belts

Even if the belts are only partially worn they can lower the performance of your cleaner. As a general rule, belts should be replaced once or twice each year, but you should regularly take note of whether the cleaner is performing up to speed.

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The Filter

As a cleaner is put to use, a lot of dirt gets swept either aside, into a hopper, or inside into a dust bag, depending on purpose the machine is built to serve. Either way, most cleaning machines are equipped with a filter, designed to protect the flow of air and to prevent dust or dirt from collecting on the internal parts, especially the motor.

Filters work fine as long as they’re cleaned after every use, though they do need to be replaced on certain machines after a certain amount of time, as they can get brittle after hundreds upon hundreds of applications. The nature of filters varies from cleaner to cleaner, so you should read the manual that comes with your cleaner to determine how exactly to handle the filter. Some filters can be removed and cleaned with water, while others can neither be detached nor replaced.

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The Squeegee Blades

Parts that have direct contact with the floor during use tend to be those that most frequently need replaced due to the inherent wear and tear. For floor scrubbers, those parts are the brushes and squeegee blades.

The squeegee on a scrubber should drag flat along the surface, curving at a slight angle. If attached properly, the squeegee will help to collect the dirty water from the floor so it can be sucked up by the recovery hose. If your scrubber it leaving behind water on the floor, it’s probably because the squeegee is not angled correctly, or the squeegee is damaged. Keep in mind that you can flip a squeegee to use the other side before needing to replace it.

Still, eventually squeegees wear out or become damaged by knicks or tears. In that case, it’s time for a replacement. Without it, you’ll just be leaving dirty water on the floor, essentially doing only half of the job.

At Bortek, we carry replacement parts on all major brands of sweepers, scrubbers and other types of motorized industrial cleaning equipment. Whether your machine is large or small, lightweight or heavy-duty, Bortek carries a humongous assortment of parts for the inside, the outside and the attachment tools of all kinds of machines. If you’re unsure of how to install a particular replacement part, don’t fret — the skilled and friendly Bortek service staff can install it for you. Even if your machine stops working in the midst of a big job and you’re unable to bring it into one of the Bortek centers, we can send our service people out to get your machine running again, as long as you’re in one of the areas that we serve in the Northeast.

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Skilled, Professional Technicians

Some companies that sell industrial cleaning equipment leave it to their customers to figure out how everything works, leaving them to handle the often difficult and time-consuming burdens of replacing worn parts and fixing malfunctioning components.

Skilled Professionals

But at Bortek Industries, we go much further to reward all customers — both individuals and companies — for their loyalty. To that end, our skilled technicians are ready to service any machine that we sell (and even those we don’t), whether it’s a large cleaning vehicle or a manually operated vacuum, scrubber or floor cleaner. At Bortek, we believe in the machines that we sell and rent at each of our locations throughout the Northeast.

Whenever you take a cleaning vehicle or machine from one of our facilities to your worksite, that machine is guaranteed to offer maximum performance, regardless of whether it’s new or used. If for any reason something goes askew, you simply bring it back in and one of our skilled technicians will fix the problem on the double.

Alternately, you can call us out to your location, as we serve customers across 10 different states along the East Coast. For everything that we carry here at Bortek — from floor scrubbers and parking-lot sweepers to other assorted utility vehicles — we have people on our team who know the ins and outs of each machine. Whatever the problem might be, we have technicians who’ll identify the issue.

Fully Equipped and Stocked Service Vans

Whenever you find your cleaning machine or vehicle has stalled in the middle of completing a large job, contact Bortek for immediate on-site service. Whether you’re sweeping up block-long stretches of foliage in the dampness of fall, or brushing away confetti after the street parades of spring, Bortek will send a service van to your sight on the double.

If you’re in need of sweeper repairs, that’s no problem — our service people have the technical know-how to rectify all sorts of performance issues on the spot. You might find yourself in need of scrubber repairs, which Bortek specialists can perform in a matter of minutes on most models. It might be down to a worn-out part, which is no problem for the Bortek crew, as our service vans are stocked with a vast range of parts for all sorts of cleaners.

From our replacement batteries and belts to brand-new brushes and squeegee blades, our service people have something to get your cleaner performing the same way it did on the day of purchase. For more than four decades, our skilled and friendly service crew has made Bortek the Northeast’s top name in cleaning equipment maintenance.

Complete Rebuild Service Available

The machines that Bortek carries are built for the long haul. Still, the unexpected can occur, rendering a machine unusable due to a major accident or other mishap.

At Bortek, we understand that cleaning equipment operators don’t intend for these things to happen, but that it’s sometimes a fact of life in the world of cleaning. We also know that time is money, and that whenever time gets missed at an on-site cleaning job, it amounts to lost revenue for the cleaning service.

For all those reasons and more, Bortek offers a complete rebuild service for all the models in our inventory. If it’s been damaged to the point where it no longer functions, we’ll rebuild it to its original working condition. Since the early 1970s, Bortek has built its name in the cleaning equipment repair and maintenance industry by keeping customers satisfied under all circumstances.