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We’re a nationally recognized leader in the highly specialized Industrial Cleaning Equipment Industry and we want to give you access to our customers and benefits! Allow your customers to experience the cleaning expertise that Bortek Industries provides, while eliminating competition from national rental companies.


Equipment Service Technicians & Sales Representatives that work directly for Bortek.


A revitalized project is defined as a currently quoted and demoed opportunity that has not closed in the past 6 months for Industrial and 12 months for PWX. This lead-type must have been revitalized by your personal outbound call activity.


When you have discovered a Qualified Lead, through your diligent call activity, make an appointment with the customer and the appropriate rep (based on the Zone) to perform a survey, if possible. Add the appointment to their outlook calendar, then enter your qualified lead below.


A lead is defined as a new project that was generated by your personal outbound call activity. It must not have been quoted or demonstrated within the last 12-months. The assigned sales representative will make the final determination on the eligibility of all leads.

    Lead Share Partner Information

    Customer Information

    What is the customer interested in? Check all that apply

    Walk-BehindSmall RiderMedium RiderLarge RiderStreet SweeperJetter Trailer/SystemSewer Camera SystemHydro Excavator Vac TruckCombination Sewer Jet/Vac Truck

    How would you like to proceed? Check all that apply

    Contact you to discuss the projectContact the customer on your behalf

    Our Sales Process is:

    1. On-site Survey (needs analysis) / qualify customer. This also includes presenting our company's qualifications.
      Specific details of the solution are done in Step 2.

    2. Demonstrate our cleaning solution. Validate for the customer that our solution addresses everything learned in Step 1.

    3. Presentation of proposal.

    4. Close the business.

    We will follow up with you!

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    • Fantastic financial opportunity
    • Easy online submission
    • Quick payout
    • Team Approach – Everyone Wins
    • Instant $50 Lead Bonus on any qualified lead – win or lose.


    A flat rate of $50 will be paid on qualified leads received, plus the “if sold” amount with the following guidelines:

    • A lead supplied to Bortek that results in the sale of a machine(s).
    • Multiple machines may be submitted per lead.
    • Lead Share payments will be made the first payroll after a sale is booked.