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Global R4 | Regenerative Air | Street Cleaning in Philadelphia | Bortek Industries, Inc.

Awesome footage of our Global R4 Air Regenerative Air Street Sweeper in Philadelphia PA. The first Highway Speed Regen machine by Global Environmental, this is a beast.

The Global R4 Street Sweeper is a marvel of sweeping technology. Its heavy-duty 47″ digger-type gutterbrooms lend their debris-directing power to an impressive 72″-wide Pick-Up Hood and 32″-diameter suction fan, assuring that neither fine dust nor heavy debris escapes its path. Of course, diaphragm water pumps for dust suppression are a given as well. Top it off with one of the largest debris hoppers in the industry (4.3m3 (5.6 yds3) with high dump clearance up to 116″, available in stainless steel) and you won’t be left wanting.

If you’re sweeping multiple sites and locations, the R4 is the sweeper for you. It’s capable of reaching highway travel speeds, so there’s no trouble with transporting it to additional locations.



X-Vac X-8 On-Site | Air & Hydro Excavator | Bortek Industries, Inc.

XVac X8The tandem axle X-8 offers more debris capacity than the X-6 but still is a small enough footprint to be ideal for utility work including utility location and potholing.

Smaller than traditional hydro excavators, the X-8 still is powerful enough to compete projects efficiently and effectively.



Dulevo 6000 Revolution | How to Sweep a TON of Dirt! Literally! | Bortek Industries, Inc.

Dulevo 6000 Street SweeperVery impressive capabilities of the Dulevo 6000. It handles this incredibly heavy debris with ease!

The Dulevo 6000 Revolution Street Sweeper in a nutshell is known for its innovative design, robust constructions, effective solutions for applications, and the large, unique waste hopper. This street and parking lot sweeper is the definition of cleaning perfection regardless of extreme temperatures, snow, rain, or shine. It will get the job done. Next to the typical operating spectrum of cleaning roads and parking lots, the 6000 is the solution while enlarging the spectrum of surface cleaning into all environments. The 6000, whether it be for municipal use, cement and steel industrial, power plants, or use at an airport, is perfectly suitable for hard to reach areas due to its compact dimensions and the unique maneuverability.



Dulevo 3000 Revolution | Vacuum/Mechanical Combination Sweeper | Bortek Industries, Inc.

Dulevo 3000 Street SweeperThe Dulevo 3000 Revolution is the definition of cleaning perfection. This machine will get the job done regardless of extreme weather or beautiful sunshine. Next to the typical operating spectrum of cleaning roads and parking lots, the 3000 is the solution. Additionally, the Dulevo enlarges the spectrum of surface cleaning into all environments. The 3000 can be applied for municipal use, cement and steel high-dust industrial applications, power plants, or use at the airport. The 3000 is perfectly suitable for hard to reach areas due to its compact dimensions and the unique maneuverability.



Dulevo Dzero2 | Fully Electric Bike-Lane, Parking & Sidewalk Sweeper | Bortek Industries, Inc.

Dulevo DZero2 Street SweeperDulevo’s first electric street sweeper has zero emissions of CO2, zero harmful gases, and zero dust re-introduced into the environment. And, its maneuverability and compact size allow it to sweep even narrow and crowded areas.
Dulevo DZero2 Street Sweeper



PowerBoss Nautilus | On-Site Demonstration | Bortek Industries, Inc.

PowerBoss Nautilus Ride-On Scrubber/Sweeper RentalCleaning and hot water go hand-in-hand. Now Powerboss Nautilus sweeper/scrubbers offer the natural power of hot water in the simple, sensible, and energy-efficient method known as Thermal Green Technology.

The patented Thermal Green Technology makes use of the heat already being generated by running the engine’s catalytic converter. The cleaning solution is run by these hot parts of the Nautilus and warmed to temperatures averaging around 120°F and up to 190°F, before being dispensed along the scrub path. The power of heat means that you can clean more with less chemical and, in some cases, hot water alone may even be sufficient for a complete scrubbing.



Powerboss Armadillo 9X | MERV Filtration Sweeping | Bortek Industries, Inc.

PowerBoss Armadillo 9X SweeperEnjoy the heavy duty cleaning ability of the Armadillo 9X WITH MERV filtration. Perfect for controlling silica dust during cleanup operations.

Constructed from solid steel to ensure longevity, the PowerBoss Armadillo 9X floor sweeper offers a large sweep path of 62″, which can be increased to 77″ with the optional retractable dual side brooms. Sweep up to 184,800 square feet per hour with this powerful machine. A large 22 cubic foot multi-level, high-dump hopper and unique Rotary Trash Locator system means that productivity is increased because more time is spent sweeping than traveling to the dump site.



HammerHead 900SX | Walk-Behind Sweeper | Bortek Industries, Inc.

PowerBoss Armadillo 9X SweeperThe HammerHead® 900SX is a compact, industrial strength, Walk-Behind Sweeper that encompasses all the key facets for heavy industry use. Compact, appealing and with a high quality standard design, the 900SX is designed to be used in all environments both public and industrial, indoor and outdoor.

Time to replace your tired, old, and ineffective sweepers with the Brand New, Hugely Effective, Efficient, Hammerhead 900SX! Engineered Simplicity®, all the way!



Minuteman Autonomous Robot Floor Scrubber | Bortek Industries, Inc.

Ready for the future? The Max Ride 20 powered by BrainOS® represents the next generation of robotic floor care. Brain’s advanced vision-based A.I. system enables the robot to navigate complex, real-world environments. The machine is designed to work safely and efficiently alongside employees and can still be used manually for ad-hoc situations.



Cyclone CY210 Pressure Washer | Concrete Cleaning | Bortek Industries, Inc.

CY210 Walk-Behind Pressure WasherGet some serious cleaning done with the Cyclone CY210! Be amazed as this thing brings your concrete back to life!

Quickly connect to any existing pressure washing system with pressures up to 5,500psi (379bar) and temperatures up to 200˚F (93˚C) to add the CYCLONE difference to your current cleaning system.

Up to 10,000ft² per hour (929m²) of environmentally friendly chemical free cleaning with instant waste water recovery at the Cyclone CY210 head without the use of an external vacuum system to eliminate water runoff and pooling.

Integrated LED headlight for high visibility improving production and consistency in dimly lit spaces and night time cleaning.

Maneuverable design to accommodate hard to reach areas increasing operator productivity and ease of use.