Your safety will always be one of our top priorities! Here’s a few ways you can help with that!

Always wear the proper gear when handling our Cleaning Chemicals & Detergents.
When pouring and/or handling our Cleaning Products, be sure to wear all specified PPE. That means goggles, apron, breathing mask, and face shield. Always refer to the instructions found on the label or in the SDS Book that can be found by the Green Eyewash Station in the Chemical Production Area.

Slow down while operating your vehicle or equipment in the parking lot!
We’re all very busy here and we’ve got stuff to do! We understand that we work at a very fast pace here but when it comes to driving either your car or a piece of equipment through our parking lot, keep in mind that customers, children, fellow employees, and/or our occasional canine visitor may be walking/running through the cars that are parked. Be sure to stay around the 10-15mph mark when you’re in our parking lot and pay attention to your surroundings!

When driving, avoid any distractions and stay alert!
When you’re driving a company vehicle or piece of equipment, you simply cannot allow yourself to get distracted. Operating the aforementioned is a privilege, not a right. You cannot talk on your cell phone, text, email, etc. while driving. If you must talk on the phone, it must be via a bluetooth device– either a built-in one in your vehicle or an earpiece.

Also, do not eat while driving. You are given a lunch break for a reason. Find a good place to park, exit your vehicle, and have some chow.

Lastly, do not use any tobacco products while in your company vehicle. No smoking, dipping, etc. is allowed.

This is not your personal vehicle so please do not treat it as such. Keep it tidy, be sure it stays fueled up, and drive safely!

If you SEE something, SAY something.
If you see one of your fellow employees or one of our customers performing an unsafe act, be sure to take care of that! Talk to them or find your supervisor and tell them what happened. We’re all in this together and there’s no sense in someone getting hurt due to their own ignorance– intentional or otherwise.

If you aren’t sure about something, simply ask!
There’s no possible way for you to know everything about everything. If you aren’t sure how to safely and properly load a piece of equipment or how to use the right cleaning chemical, or even how to turn on a machine, simply ask someone. We’re all more than happy to help each other out!