Janitorial Equipment

The quality of janitorial equipment used can affect your bottom line. The more efficient the equipment, the less time spent using it. By purchasing quality janitorial cleaning equipment for your company, you ensure more time is spent cleaning instead of repairing equipment. The ease of use also dictates how satisfied the user of the janitorial cleaning equipment is. Understanding what equipment will best suit your needs will enable you to purchase the most effective product.

Different Kinds of Janitorial Equipment

Janitorial equipment performs an array of tasks. From sweeping the dust off the floor and carpets to wet cleaning the floors, janitorial cleaning equipment can have many roles. Each task traditionally requires the use of separate janitorial equipment, however with the new products available today, you can use one piece of equipment to complete many objectives. For example, there are now vacuum cleaners that double as a carpet cleaner.

Below is a list of the different kinds of janitorial cleaning equipment commonly used today:

  • Vacuums
  • Floor scrubbers
  • Extractors

Tips on how to purchase Janitorial Equipment

One of the easiest ways to purchase equipment is online. This time-saving, hassle-free method enables you to browse many different products, ensuring the janitorial equipment you choose fits your cleaning needs.

When looking online, user feedback is an especially valuable resource for those looking to buy new or used janitorial equipment. User feedback provides customers with an idea of how well the product performed for others. However, when viewing janitorial equipment customer ratings, it is important to also read the comments posted by customers. Often they rate the equipment based on a few features that don’t apply to your needs. What may not work well for one person may in fact be exactly what you need. Another tip with viewing user ratings is to check how many people actually rated the equipment. If there are only a few who rated the equipment, then one poor rating can affect an otherwise highly rated piece of equipment.

Below is a list of highly recommended types of janitorial equipment

DuraVac™ 152 Vacuums

The Dual Motor DuraVac™ 152 Upright Vacuums are perfect solutions to your janitorial equipment needs. They rate highly for durability, reliability, value, and convenience. For those looking for quality janitorial equipment, this vacuum model boasts a multiple-filter system, culminating in a hospital-grade 0.1 micron filter. The two-motor design delivers performance, while the on-board tools and hose add versatility to this outstanding piece of janitorial equipment.

Kent ReliaVac™ 12 / 16HP Vacuums

The ReliaVac Series are menouverable and durable vacuums that are great for general cleaning on almost any carpet pile, making them an excellent choice for those with a smaller janitorial equipment budget. These vacuums deliver powerful heavy-duty performance for even the most demanding carpet vacuuming challenges, making it a must-have piece of janitorial equipment.

Euroclean UZ 964 Hip Vac™ Series Vacuums

One great solution to your janitorial equipment needs is the revolutionary Hip Vac™. Designed for operator comfort, it delivers super productivity, making it an efficient piece of janitorial equipment. No dragging, no pushing and no battling around obstacles means users get the job done quicker, an essential factor in the success of your janitorial cleaning equipment.

Champion™ 28 Vacuum

Designed for large carpeted areas, the ChampionT 28 thoroughly vacuums a 28 inch (71 cm) path in one pass, making it one of the most efficient pieces of janitorial cleaning equipment in the market today. Unlike most types of janitorial equipment, there is no need for back and forth movement and it maneuvers easily around obstacles. This vacuum has become a janitorial equipment favorite. The chevron bristle pattern draws dirt to the vacuum intake for efficient cleaning.

Condor™ & Condor™ AXP™  Automatic Floor Scrubber

The Condor™ automatic floor scrubber has the most scrub path options of any machine in its class. With the cylindrical model, retractable side brooms eliminate manual sweeping along racks and walls, which is why this machine is many types of janitorial equipment in one. Plus, the large recovery tanks are easy to access and clean. When compared to most janitorial cleaning equipment, this provides a solution to meet most of your floor cleaning needs.

Encore² Walk-behind Scrubber Automatic Floor Scrubber

This model of floor scrubbers offers large tank capacity and scrub paths, along with long run time options to minimize those big jobs, a perfect solution for large janitorial equipment needs. The standard model provides high speed light scrubbing or grime-cutting scrubbing with up to 220 pounds of head pressure, making it a versatile piece of janitorial equipment. It has also been rated best-in-class maneuverability.

Clean Track Series Self-Contained Floor Extractors

These floor extractors boast twice the productivity, in half the time, making them highly efficient janitorial cleaning equipment. The series features large electric floor scrubber capacities in small packages, a patented ergonomic design, a very low sound level, and dual functionality with hard floor option. These floor scrubbers have become a favorite in janitorial equipment collections. The Wash & Rinse® feature gets carpets cleaner by washing and clean-water rinsing all in one pass. Carpets get cleaner quicker and helps increase operator productivity. This is a piece of janitorial cleaning equipment that exceeds your carpet cleaning needs.

Klenzor™ 16 Self-Contained Floor Extractors

When your janitorial cleaning equipment needs include numerous job sites where the carpet care requires regular extraction, nothing beats a Klenzor™ for portability and performance. It’s also the perfect answer for buildings with limited or confined carpeted areas where larger extractors can’t operate, making this model a favorite piece of janitorial cleaning equipment for those needing to clean hard-to-reach areas.