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At Bortek, we specialize in cleaning solutions. Being experts in our field allows us to customize your cleaning package based on your specific situation.

Slide Since 1967, we’ve been helping our customers solve their difficult cleaning problems. We specialize in power cleaning equipment, public works equipment, and cleaning supplies. Having this focus allows us to really provide you with the solution you actually need.

Whether you’re looking for a Floor Scrubber or Sweeper, Street Sweeper, Sewer Jet/Vac Truck, or Hydro Excavator... We have the expertise to help you confidently choose the right equipment for the job at hand.

Along with equipment, you also have access to our Parts, Maintenance & Repairs, and World-Class Customer Support! We’re here to help!

FLOOR SCRUBBERS Truly Clean & Maintain
Your Floors
FLOOR SWEEPERS Sweep with Ease
and Maximize Productivity
EQUIPMENT RENTALS Flexible Terms are Available
for All Equipment Types
AFTERMARKET SUPPORT Parts, Service & Repairs
& Cleaning Supplies
WE KNOW CLEAN™ SOLUTIONS Whether you’re in need of new or used industrial cleaning equipment, public works equipment, short or long term rentals, parts for your machine, service & maintenance, cleaning supplies for your business or facility, or you simply have a question about any of the above, we’ve got you covered!

Slide TOTAL PARTS SUPPORT OEM & Aftermarket Parts for Floor Scrubbers, Sweepers, and Sweeper/Scrubbers Stocked! COMPETENT SERVICE Highly trained technicians, full-service shop, and mobile techs. All with the best tools available for the job at hand! PREMIER RENTALS Industrial Floor Scrubbers, Sweepers, Street, Sweepers, Jet/Vac Trucks available! SUPPORT PARTS. SERVICE. RENTALS. BOOM. You now have access to our line of rental equipment, full-service shop, on-hand parts, and trained & experienced technicians. With unmatched customer service & satisfaction, know that we're here to help you accomplish your mission.


Our level of experience remains unmatched and allows us to create solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Let’s get this party started!