How to Clean Floors With Riding Floor Scrubbers

Riding floor scrubbers such as the Advance Adgressor provide businesses like warehouses and factories with a much more cost-effective method of keeping clean floors rather than using maintenance workers with mops and buckets. Proper operating techniques and regular maintenance will allow you to obtain maximum benefit from your machine.

Before you start the machine, be sure the scrubbing brushes and pads are installed as indicated by the manufacturer. If the machine is equipped with squeegees, activate them with the appropriate switch or button and lower the squeegee blades so that they are lying flat on the floor.

After driving the machine to the desired cleaning area, turn off the power and fill the solution tank with hot water, then add the proper amount of cleaning solution. Be sure that the dilution of water and solution meets your cleaning needs and the recommendations of the manufacturer. You may also want to add an industrial defoaming product to avoid foam build-up during operation.

Turn on the machine and its solution flow operating system and begin driving over the desired area, being sure to overlap the traffic pattern slightly to avoid missing any floor areas. Periodically check the recovery tank to see if it is getting full and for excessive foaming. You may stop before the end of the cleaning job to empty the tank, especially during larger jobs. Depending on the type of machine and the dirtiness of the floor, more than one pass may be required, as well as time allowed for drying. When the job is complete, rinse out the solution tanks and remove and dispose of the floor pads.