Advance Terra 132 Push Sweeper

Not satisfied with the results of your present method of cleaning your warehouse floors? The Advance Terra 132 push sweeper is the perfect solution. This powerful cleaning machine features a 32-inch sweep path, reducing the number of passes the operator needs to make. And with a cleaning capacity of up to 38,700 square feet per hour, no warehouse floor cleaning job is too big for the Terra 132. In fact, the Terra 132 is more than 10 times faster than sweeping with a manual push broom.

The Terra 132’s main broom counter rotates against the direction of the machine’s travel, providing superior cleaning power. When combined with the efficient side broom for edge cleaning, the Terra provides a complete cleaning solution. The large capacity rustproof hopper means the machine can operate longer before emptying is required. The Terra 132 also contains a two-filter dust control system that traps both large and small debris for clean operation.

The Terra 132 is easy to operate and maintain. The turn of a key sets the entire cleaning system into motion, and the traction feature greatly reduces the physical strain on the operator. The machine’s hood opens to provide easy access for engine maintenance and the brooms and filter are accessible without the need for tools. The variable forward speed control lever and litter flap control are handle-mounted for additional operating convenience, and the handle height can also be adjusted. The onboard charger provides quick and easy charging capability at all times, which can increase operator productivity.