NH400-DX Chassis-Mounted Parking Lot Sweepers

If you’re looking for the most efficient machine to keep your parking lots clean, look no further than the NH400-DX. This rugged, durable chassis-mounted parking lot sweepers is built to handle even the most difficult operating conditions with ease. The machine’s 86-inch sweeping path expands to an ultra-wide 106 inches with the side brooms, helping to reduce the number of needed passes while optimizing operator efficiency. The NH400-DX also features a sturdy Isuzu NPR chassis with 109-inch wheel base for added maneuverability.

Standard features include a no-clog screen for maximum cleaning efficiency and a four-cubic-yard hopper for large debris-holding capability. Dual-row tungsten carbide skids, powder-coated exteriors, high-visibility safety beacon, HD impact rear bumper, and 60-watt dual side spotlights are also included. For operator comfort, the machine also includes air conditioning and AM/FM stereo.

The wide variety of optional features allows you to customize the NH400-DX to meet your specific needs. The vertical digger curb broom provides extra sweeping power on curbs and the spacious locking took box provides room for tools and other supplies. Other options include a high velocity side-suction hose for additional cleaning power, a 100-gallon polyurethane water tank, impact-resistant hopper coating and low-pro escort light bars. You can also select from a number of custom colors for your machine.

For enhanced operator safety, the optional Big Brute HD impact bumper provides additional protection at the front of the machine. The MistJet dust suppression system helps reduce the amount of dust. You can also help preserve and protect the machine’s interior with the Arctic HD vinyl seat covers.