Advance Exterra Large Sweeper

No factory floor is too wide for the Advance Exterra. This large sweeper features a 50-inch-wide main broom—the widest you’ll find with this class of sweeper—along with full-time dual side brooms for an amazing 77 inches of total sweeping path width. This makes the Exterra perfect for those wide-open factory floor spaces that otherwise would take forever to clean. The Exterra allows you to increase your cleaning productivity by up to 80 percent, which helps improve your company’s bottom line.

Other standard features include a 14-cubic foot high dump hopper and onboard battery charger. This machine also offers the optional DustGuard, a side broom “fog” system that minimizes dust flow and provides for the cleanest operation possible. The state-of-the-art ClearView technology allows for maximum operator visibility, assuring the safest and most productive operation. The Exterra is made for your fuel of choice, as models are available that operate on gasoline, propane or diesel. The machine’s rugged construction and durability make it the perfect choice for frequent heavy-duty use.

The machine also includes features like a Vacuumized Main Broom Chamber, Airflow Labyrinth, Nanofiber Technology Dust Filter and Aiflow Restoration System. An extremely useful optional item is the Litter Vac, a handheld attachment that lets the operator reach those tight spots and hard-to-clean areas like steps and underneath machinery. The Litter Vac is placed at the front of the machine, allowing the operator to quickly dismount, attach the device to the side of the machine and begin manual sweeping in seconds.