Advance Terra 132 Push Sweeper

The Advance Terra 132 is a powerful push sweeper capable of handling your outdoor cleaning needs as well as indoor carpeted areas or hard surfaces like concrete floors. The Terra is the fastest, most reliable way to clean large areas, as its 32-inch sweeping path allows it to clean up to 38,700 square feet per hour.

Standard features include the large-capacity rustproof hopper, along with integral wheels and handle for easy maneuverability. The variable forward speed control lever and litter flap are handle-mounted for easy access, and the onboard battery charger allows for recharging no matter where you operate the machine. The side broom is completely protected against impact by the roto-molded plastic body and can be lowered to edge clean while you sweep. A variety of main and side broom options are available, as well as accessories for different applications.

The Terra 132 concrete push sweepers provide the ultimate dust-free cleaning experience, as it utilizes a unique two-filter system consisting of a prefilter grid and main panel filter. There’s no power cord to trip over and cause injury. The hood opens for easy product maintenance and you won’t need tools to access the brooms and filter. The smooth, quiet operation allows you to clean with minimal disturbance to others.

The Terra 132 provides maximum cleaning efficiency, which can reduce labor costs. Because it cleans more than 10 times faster than a worker manning a push broom, the machine will easily pay for itself in labor cost savings over time, improving your company’s bottom line.