The Advance Advenger Ride-On Carpet Floor Scrubber

The Advance Advenger Ride-On Carpet Floor Scrubber not only can make even the dirtiest floors spotless in no time, it’s just as tough on dirty carpets, too. The machine’s scrubber can be adjusted to clean any carpet height with ease, and you can operate it using virtually any carpet cleaning solution you choose, including green-certified cleaners. The non-marking tires offer high traction without tracking dirt or leaving tire marks on the carpet.

For heavy duty cleaning, the Advance-Advenger Ride-On Floor Scrubber’s low-flow detergent-dispensing EcoFlex System allows you to adjust the level of detergent strength, solution flow and brush pressure, providing extra power for deep-down cleaning whenever it’s needed. The tight 63-inch turning radius means you can navigate those hard-to-get-at areas like tight corners that other cleaners just can’t reach. The convenient low step and open operating compartment allows you to power your machine on and off with minimal effort.

With the Advance Advenger Ride-On Floor Scrubber, there’s no need to pre-mix your carpet cleaning solution and water as the machine mixes them at the desired ratio for you. This saves you time and eliminates waste. The machine also picks up the dirty solution as it cleans, so your carpets dry quickly. The ultra-flow dispenser eliminates water use by up to 70 percent, and you can even operate the machine using water-only if you prefer. The Advance Advenger Ride-On Floor Scrubber is a powerful way to clean even the most heavily soiled carpets while also protecting the environment, all in one easy-to-use cleaning machine.