There’s a Bortek Industries™ Machine for Any Industrial Cleaning Need

For more than 40 years, Bortek Industries has been providing solutions for the industrial cleaning needs of organizations of all types and sizes. Bortek Industries provides a wide range of heavy-duty ride-on and walk-behind sweepers and scrubbers for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. Whether you’re looking to clean factory, warehouse or hardwood floors, carpets, parking lots or streets, Bortek Industries has a powerful cleaning machine for any purpose.

Machines for Cleaning Carpets

For carpets, the Advance Advenger Floor Scrubber is a multi-purpose ride-on scrubber that offers deep-cleaning capabilities and also allows for the use of eco-friendly detergents for environmentally safe operation. For an effective walk-behind carpet cleaning machine, the Advance Convertamatic features the integrated Smart Solutions cleaning system that allows for extended operation and the ability to customize for light, moderate or heavy cleaning jobs.

Machines for Cleaning Concrete Floors

Concrete floors present their own unique cleaning challenges, and machines like the Advance Granterra are up to the task. The Granterra features an extra-wide 66-inch sweeping path that allows the operator to cover an astounding four acres per hour while negotiating bumps and curbs with ease. For smaller areas, the Advance Terra 132 is a walk-behind sweeper featuring a 32-inch sweep path with a cleaning capacity of 38,700 square feet per hour. The Advance Condor XL is a rider scrubber for cleaning larger concrete floors and offers a choice of four different cleaning systems to suit a variety of cleaning needs. The Advance Adfinity is a walk-behind floor scrubber/sweeper featuring the choice of multiple scrubber sizes for maximum versatility.

Machines for Cleaning Factory Floors

Even the most heavily soiled factory floors are no match for the right cleaning machine. The Condor XL’s One-Touch scrubber system provides push-button scrubbing capability for easy and powerful cleaning. The Advance Exterra is a ride-on sweeper with a sweeping path that can expand to 77 inches for effective one-pass cleaning. The Fang 32T is one highly efficient push floor scrubber that offers up to 200 lbs. of pad pressure and easy-to-use controls. For small concrete floor sweeping needs, the Advance Terra 28 is a walk-behind sweeper that allows the operator to easily navigate from one floor type to another without having to change the broom type.

Machines for Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors require special care, like the kind provided by the Advance Exterra. Not only is this powerful machine tough on concrete floors, it is versatility makes it equally effective when cleaning hardwood floors. Not only is this powerful machine tough on concrete floors, it is versatility makes it equally effective when cleaning hardwood floors. The Clarke BSW28 is a potent walk-behind sweeper featuring a 28-inch sweep path as well as a large-capacity hopper that reduces the need to stop and empty. For spotless hardwood floor sweeping and scrubbing, the Advance 7765 is a ride-on machine that offers the efficiency of one-pass cleaning. The Fang is a push floor scrubber offering a choice of three different sweeping path widths and easy-to-use controls.

Machines for Cleaning Parking Lots

It takes a tough, durable industrial cleaning machine to keep parking lots clean in all kinds of conditions, and the Advance Proterra is one tough customer. This large sweeper controls dust as it sweeps for clean, efficient operation. For the roughest cleaning conditions, the chassis-mounted NH400-DX features a 106-inch sweeping path and no-clog screen for heavy-duty cleaning jobs.

For municipal street sweeping, the newly redesigned Wayne Centurion is a truck-mounted mechanical broom sweeper with vacuum. With a 10-foot sweeping path capability, the Centurion can pick up a wide variety of debris while controlling dust.

Machines for Cleaning Warehouse Floors

Your warehouse floors don’t have to be constantly covered in dirt and dust, not when the Advance 7765 is part of your cleaning team. The 100-gallon stainless steel solution and recovery tanks are perfect for the biggest cleaning jobs, and the 600 pounds of downward scrub brush pressure eliminates the most stubborn grit and grime. The Advance Proterra is a ride-on large sweeper that features superior maneuverability and a high capacity hopper for large warehouse floor sweeping jobs. The Advance Warrior is a push floor scrubber featuring a one-pass cleaning capability that makes it a fearsome opponent for any stain. The Advance Terra 132 is a walk-behind sweeper with a 32-inch sweeping path and is rugged enough for warehouse floor operation.