Used Factory Cat Scrubbers Make Cleaning Easy

Tired of cleaning the conventional way with a mop and bucket, but can’t afford a brand new machine? Then a used Factory Cat scrubber from Bortek Industries is the economical solution to your problem. One of our high-performance machines can increase your cleaning efficiency without breaking the bank.

Used Factory Cat scrubbers are used to clean countless businesses, including warehouses, retail buildings, fabrication plants, congested machine shops, car dealerships, busy tractor trailer service bays, lunch rooms and any other place where industrial cleaning is necessary. Compact and walk-behind battery-operated scrubbers maneuver easily, making them suitable for virtually any environment. Keep your business clean with a used Factory scrubber from Bortek Industries.

High Quality Used Factory Cat Scrubbers

Our expert technicians are frequently reconditioning and selling pre-owned cleaning equipment that we receive from our trade-up program. Each machine is overhauled and certified by our team, and if it is not up to our standards, we scrap it. In fact, we throw away the same machines our competitors consider “deals”. When you buy any of our used Factory Cat scrubbers, you are spending your money on a quality machine that will last you many years of cleaning.

Get an economical and high quality solution to your cleaning needs with a used Factory Cat scrubber from Bortek Industries.

Used Factory Cat Scrubbers in Stock

Our used Factory Cat scrubbers can be found in countless businesses around the globe, keeping the world’s floors clean from dust and grime. Bortek Industries inventory is constantly changing and we try to keep an extensive list of pre-owned equipment in stock. If we don’t have any used Factory Cat scrubbers in inventory today, we just might have one tomorrow, so check our pre-owned equipment page often. Be sure to let us know what you are looking for, and we are happy to notify you if we get one in.