Carpet Extractors

When looking for an extractor, one should not only look at the brand alone. While the brand is important, it should not be the only consideration when buying portable carpet extractors. What one should look for is performance, user-friendliness and positive ratings.

  • Performance: Performance is a key deciding factor when purchasing an extractor. A wide range of performance levels are available and knowing your needs can help determine your best choice for auto carpet extractors. For example, if you are buying heated carpet extractors, they should be able to generate the needed heat in order to remove the dirt in your carpets effectively.
  • User Friendliness: The portable carpet extractors don’t work automatically. The carpet extractors require a person to move them around. Therefore, it is also important to consider usability when choosing carpet extractors. The superb features and performance of these carpet extractors will not be taken full advantage of if the person cannot use the machine effectively. Buyers should be able to quickly learn how to use the carpet extractors.
  • Positive Ratings: A carpet extractor are often rated by users. Doing research online and asking your sales representative can give you insight on how well the auto carpet extractors have performed for other users. Knowing how well the carpet extractors performed for others can assist you when you choose your portable carpet extractors. When checking ratings of carpet extractors, it is imperative you read the comments as well. Often users will rate their carpet extractors based on an individual feature that may not apply to your particular portable carpet extractor needs. These ratings also serve as an industry benchmark, encouraging manufacturers of carpet extractors to continue improving their product.

Searching for Carpet Extractors

Traditionally customers looking for carpet extractors would visit the nearest retailer. However, if this retailer does not have the auto carpet extractors needed, the customer would have to spend more time researching other retailers, or would buy carpet extractors that didn’t best serve their needs.

Online shopping has made the purchase of portable carpet extractors easy for the consumer. Carpet extractors can be viewed online, price comparisons can be made, and ratings can be checked. This is an easy way to learn about portable carpet extractors and ensure that you are choosing the carpet extractors that best meet your needs.

Recommendations for Carpet Extractors

Below is a list of a few recommended carpet extractors that you can purchase online. These portable carpet extractors have all been rated highly by their users.

Clean Track™ Series Carpet Extractors

These outstanding portable carpet extractors are rated highly for their productivity. Compared with other carpet extractors, the Clean Track series cuts cleaning time in half. These carpet extractors also rate well for usability. They feature a patented ergonomic design, making them the most comfortable carpet extractors available. These portable carpet extractors also have a very low sound level, also giving them high ratings. The Wash & Rinse® feature gets carpets cleaner by washing and clean-water rinsing all in one pass, unlike most carpet extractors on the market today. Another feature that keeps this series above other carpet extractors is the fact the Clean Track series has been certified as a “green machine.”

BEXT® Hot Water Box Carpet Extractors

The BEXT® carpet extractors feature portable, heated, box extraction equipment. These carpet extractors are designed to be easy to use, productive, quiet, and portable. The easy circuit locator in these portable carpet extractors prevents breaker overload by verifying the receptacles chosen are on separate circuits. This time-saving and hassle-preventing feature is unique to most carpet extractors, making it a highly recommended product by users. They also boast an increased cleaning effectiveness of up to 40%, much higher than most carpet extractors on the market today.

Kent SelectSpot™ Carpet Extractors

The SelectSpot carpet extractors are convenient, easy-to-use for quick clean-ups or spot cleaning carpets, hard-to-get at areas and upholstery. Unlike most carpet extractors in this price range, they feature a hand-held tool that dispenses cleaning solution directly on spots or heavily soiled areas, and immediately recovers the dirty solution. The lightweight and compact size of these portable carpet extractors give this model a high score on usability, and makes it one of the most easy-to-use options for portable carpet extractors. With the optional transport cart, you can bring your cleaning tools and accessories right along with you, a feature unique to most carpet extractors.

Euroclean EC 12 Carpet Extractors

The Euroclean EC 12 carpet extractors are excellent for small jobs or tight areas, light soil or ground-in dirt. This makes it the most versatile of auto carpet extractors. It features a powerful brush agitation and strong suction combining to make these carpet extractors top performers on carpets, hard floors, and even grouted tile floors. The bucket, with its integrated flexible bladder, holds the clean solution and the dirty water in one tank, unlike most carpet extractors. This model also rates high for its usability when compared to other auto carpet extractors because it features simple clean-up. When cleaning is done, simply lift the bucket handle and remove it from the base to empty the dirty water.