Aquatech is the global leader in combination jetting and vacuum systems

Aquatech’s combination jet/vac sewer cleaning vehicles offer a variety of sizes of debris and water capacity, and customizations, making them ideal for any size municipality, water and sewer district, or contractor.

Their applications include cleaning storm drains, catch basins, sanitary and storm sewers, as well as water leak repair, emergency excavation, and sewer line bypass for sewer repair, relining, or replacement work. Not only that, but Aquatech pushes industry standards to improve with rear-mounted reels. Front-mounted reels are, of course, also available.

Aquatech Machines Proudly Manufactured in the USA

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  • Aquatech B10 Jet/Vac Sewer Cleaning Vehicle

    A top-of-the-line sewer jet/vac combination vehicle with a rear-mounted reel that keeps the noise and heat away from the operator and provides visibility while driving. It sports the most powerful vacuum system of any combination sewer cleaning vehicle in the industry – so powerful that it can be used for hydro excavation.

    Fuel Options: Diesel

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  • Aquatech Guardian Sewer Cleaning Vehicle

    The Aquatech Guardian is specially designed to handle cold weather sewer cleaning and quiet operation. In fact, it’s the quietest combination sewer cleaner in the industry! Aquatech’s famous rear-mounted hose reel is also integrated into this model, granting the operator easier access and protection from hot, noisy chassis engines.

    Fuel Options: Diesel

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  • Aquatech B10 Jet/Vac Sewer Cleaning Vehicle

    Clean catch basins, storm sewers, lift stations, and more. These Jet/Vac Vehicles combine a powerful water jetter and vacuum to clear out debris and clogs. It’s even powerful enough to double as a hydro excavator. The Aquatech B10 offers the additional benefit of a rear-mounted hose reel for safe and easy placement, and keeps the noise and heat away from the operator.

    Fuel Options: Diesel


  • Maintenance

    Do you need maintenance for your Aquatech equipment? Bortek Industries can do that! For over 50 years, our service technicians have been helping the cleaning industry keep their machines running at peak performance. From large industrial ride-on sweepers to small, walk-behind scrubbers, we can service them all. No matter what the problem, we have the know-how to fix it. Keep your cleaning equipment at the peak of productivity with the help of our expert mobile service technicians; contact Bortek Industries to schedule maintenance for your machine today. We also offer Planned Maintenance so that you’re new machine can stay in top shape with regular tune-ups.


    Through no fault of yours or the machine, certain parts will become worn and need to be replaced from regular use. Bortek carries a complete line of replacement parts for your cleaning equipment for all the major brands, including Aquatech. We highly recommend keeping replacement wearable parts on hand to keep your machine cleaning at its best at all times. Failing to routinely replace worn parts can lead to more serious issues.


    Our technicians are factory-trained cleaning machine specialists. Whether your machine needs a tune-up or more serious repair, we can get it done. You can trust Bortek to know your equipment and identify problems without wasting resources on unnecessary parts replacements.

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