Hardy, Compact, and Powerful

Factory Cat sweepers and floor scrubbers are built by the R.P.S. Corporation incorporated in Wisconsin since 1986. Factory Cat manufactures battery floor scrubbers, battery floor sweepers and battery sweeper / scrubber combination floor machines for the industrial sector. Its focus has been in the industrial floor cleaning machine business since 1980.

The battery powered floor scrubber and floor sweeper models they manufacture fit a niche in the industrial cleaning equipment industry that they helped make popular: battery powered, high-performance, compact floor sweepers and floor scrubbers for every setting.

These are the machines to get if you’re looking for hardy, powerful, and compact cleaning machines. When it comes to scrubbers, you’re going to want the stainless steel, American-made parts that Factory Cat prides itself in. These babies are built to last.


Do you need maintenance for your Factory Cat cleaning machines? Look no further than Bortek Industries. For over 50 years, our service technicians have been helping the cleaning industry keep their machines running at peak performance. From large industrial ride-on sweepers to small, walk-behind scrubbers, we can service them all. Not only do we offer expert Factory Cat maintenance but we also service Advance, Night-Hawk, Clarke, Powerboss and any other manufacture of cleaning machines. No matter what the problem, we have the know-how to fix it. Keep your cleaning equipment at the peak of productivity with the help of our expert mobile service technicians; contact Bortek Industries to schedule maintenance for your Factory Cat today.


It’s inevitable. As your cleaning machine is used day in and day out, certain parts will take on some wear and tear and have to be replaced. Instead of going back to the Factory Cat manufacturer, call Bortek! Bortek carries a complete line of replacement parts for your  cleaning equipment for all the major brands, including all Factory Cat parts.


Looking for a company that offers Factory Cat service? Look no further than Bortek Industries for expert Factory Cat service. We sell and service a complete line of quality Factory Cat sweepers and scrubbers. Manufactured entirely in the US, these sweepers and scrubbers are built for industrial applications and countless years of durability. For quality Factory Cat service, rely on Bortek Industries.

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  • If your looking for simple and durable, look no further than the Micro-HD. This floor scrubber is available in disk & cylindrical and is easy to maneuver in tight spaces and simple to service.

    Brush Options: Cylindrical, Disc
    Cleaning Width: 17", 20", 25", 26"
    Fuel Options: Battery
  • Designed to clean anything from machine shops, to car dealerships, to lunch rooms, and anywhere else industrial cleaning may be necessary, the MicroMag provides exceptional productivity with its large battery and 10 gallon recovery tanks.

    Brush Options: Disc
    Cleaning Width: 17", 20"
    Fuel Options: Battery
  • One of the most powerful and durable machines in the Factory Cat series. The Mini-HD is equipped to handle the toughest jobs providing exceptional value.

    Brush Options: Cylindrical, Disc
    Cleaning Width: 25", 26", 28", 29"
    Fuel Options: Battery
  • Built on a reputation for exceptional toughness and cleaning performance, the MAG HD is equipped with steel construction for unmatched durability.

    Brush Options: Cylindrical, Disc
    Cleaning Width: 29", 30", 33", 34"
    Fuel Options: Battery

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