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Used Auto Scrubber

Bortek Industries sweepers scrubbers used equipment

Why buy new cleaning equipment when you can purchase a gently used auto scrubber? By purchasing a used auto scrubber, you save money while getting a great product. When you purchase a used floor scrubber machine, you meet your cleaning needs while staying within your cleaning budget.

Purchasing a used auto scrubber from sweeperland.com means you’re getting the best value for your investment. The used auto floor scrubber machines are refurbished and inspected carefully to ensure you are buying the highest quality product. We check all the features and equipment during an intensive screening process so the used auto scrubber you buy will meet and exceed your expectations.

Just like their new counterparts, the floor scrubber machine will increase your productivity. These convenient machines make cleaning a breeze, saving you time, and in the case of the used auto scrubber, money.

How to Purchase a Used Auto Scrubber

An easy and cost-efficient way to purchase an auto scrubber is by shopping online. There are many different models to choose from, and buy knowing a few tips, your online shopping experience for a used floor scrubber machine will be a successful and rewarding one.

You don’t have to be computer-savvy to purchase a used auto scrubber online, you just need to know what to look for while you shop. Just like you would in an actual used automatic floor scrubber store, you need to compare the used auto scrubber models available online.

One important way to compare used auto scrubber models is by reading the list of features. This listing showcases the benefits of the model, from the cleaning path size to the durability. But before you read the floor scrubber machine features, you have to understand what you are looking for in a used auto scrubber. By knowing how you’ll be using your floor scrubber machine, you’ll know what features matter most to you, which helps in your selection process.

Another important tip for online shopping is to look for the helpful customer rankings of the used automatic floor scrubber. While the actual used auto scrubber is probably not ranked, its new counterpart is. By knowing how people ranked the new floor scrubber machine, you can better choose which used automatic floor scrubber model is right for you. However, when reviewing the rankings, be sure to also read the comments from which the users based their used auto scrubber rankings. Many times the rating a used auto scrubber received reflects only a few features important to that user, which may not relate to your cleaning needs. Because a used automatic floor scrubber machine has many features, it is best to find comments that focus on the actual feature that relates best to your cleaning objectives. Another important tip when shopping online for a used auto scrubber is to check how many users posted comments. If there are only a few comments, it may not be a good indication on the quality of the used automatic floor scrubber. It is best to review many posts to get a more in-depth perception of the used auto scrubber that interests you.

Highly Recommended Floor Scrubber Machines

If you can find any of the models below as a used auto scrubber available for purchase, it would be a good investment.

Condor™ & Condor™ AXP Automatic Floor Scrubber
The Condor™ used auto floor scrubber machine has the most scrub path options of any machine in its class. To meet your cleaning needs, disc or cylindrical interchangeable scrub decks are available in 40, 45 or 48 inch sizes, options not available in most used automatic floor scrubber machines. The rugged Condor™ rider used auto floor scrubber machine is equipped with impressive 70 gallon solution and recovery tanks, the largest in this size scrubber. This translates to increased productivity due to longer run times between dump and fill cycles, a plus when looking for a used auto floor scrubber machine. This model also ranks highly for a used automatic floor scrubber machine because the large recovery tanks are easy to access and clean. The UltraFlow™ squeegee system with wide swing provides nearly 100% water pickup on tight turns, leaving the floors immediately clean, dry, and safe for foot traffic, better than most used auto floor scrubber machine. The patented no-tools side squeegee blades wipe the floor before the wheels so the machine never runs through dirty water streaks, a feature unique to this used automatic floor scrubber machine.

SR5730 Compact Used Floor Scrubber Machine
The SR5730 used floor scrubber machine offers productivity and maneuverability through a variety of choices that customize it to your specific needs, whether it is the 34" or 38" disc or 34" cylindrical scrub path, battery packages or productivity enhancing options. The modulated brake system on this floor scrubber machine is credited with increased operator safety. Another feature of this used auto scrubber is the operating system with self diagnostics, resulting in easier maintenance. And, the patented break-away squeegee protects your used auto floor scrubber machine investment.

BOOST 28 & 32 Used Floor Scrubber Machine
A unique advantage to purchasing this used auto scrubber model is the "High-Traction" certification by The National Floor Safety Institute. If you are lucky enough to find this model as a used automatic floor scrubber you’ll be especially pleased with BOOST™, Battery Operated Orbital Scrubbing Technology, a specially-engineered hybrid that merges the best of scrubbing technology and high-speed orbital technology. The high speed of this used auto scrubber provides maximum scrubbing agitation. This has become a user-favorite and will continue to perform well as a floor scrubber machine.

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