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Walk Behind Sweepers

Walk-Behind Industrial SweeperAdvance SW900™new scrubber

Power Source: Battery
Increase your cleaning efficiency with the durable, economical and easy-to-use SW900™ walk behind sweeper.

Walk-Behind Industrial SweeperAdvance Terra™ 28

Power Source: Battery
The performance of Advance’s new Terra® 28B walk behind sweeper leaves wide-area vacuums in the dust.

Battery Powered Industrial SweeperAdvance Terra™ 132

Power Source: Battery
A battery operated carpet sweeper is up to 90% more productive than a wide area vacuum!

Compact Industrial SweeperClarke BSW28

Power Source: Battery
The BSW 28 is battery operated, self propelled, and sweeps a 28″ path.

Compact Ride-On Advance Sweeper
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Advance SW4000 Industrial SweeperAdvance SW4000™new scrubber

Power Source: Battery
With high productivity and excellent maneuverability, the SW4000™ rider sweeper maximizes cleaning performance while reducing the total cost to clean.

Battery Industrial SweeperAdvance Terra™ 5200

Power Source: Battery
Offering the advantages of battery power and automated, high-dump hopper at an affordable price.

Mid-Size Ride-On Industrial Sweepers
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Proterra Industrial SweeperAdvance Proterra™

Power Source: Battery, Gas, LP or Diesel
The ideal solution for advance sweeper applications from factories to warehouses, parking garages to foundries to many more.

Exterra Industrial SweeperAdvance Exterra™

Power Source: Gas, LP or Diesel
High Production Industrial Sweeper... up to 77 inch dust controlled sweeping

Advance SW8000 Industrial SweeperAdvance SW8000™new scrubber

Power Source: Gas, LP or Diesel
Featuring up to a 77-inch sweep path, this industrial sweeper combines the best in dust control with superior productivity.

Parking Lot Sweepers - Chassis Mounted
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Parking Lot Sweeper Nite-Hawk OspreyNite-Hawk NH200 Osprey

Power Source: Gas
Takes hydraulic operated sweeping to a powerful new level, allowing for performance and efficiency never before seen in a conventional sweeper truck.

Parking Lot Sweeper Raptor EdgeNite-Hawk Raptor Edge

Power Source: Gas
With the Raptor Edge, you have the power to sweep in the roughest conditions, which saves you time and money on the job.

Parking Lot Sweeper RaptorNite-Hawk Raptor Non-CDL

Power Source: Diesel
With a new hydraulic power system, the Raptor increases performance without sacrificing Nite-Hawk's outstanding fuel efficiency.

Street Sweeper
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Street Sweeper Starfire S-4Starfire S-4 Non-CDL

Power Source: Diesel
A well-built, mid-size mechanical broom street sweeper.

Starfire S-5 Starfire S-5

Power Source: Diesel
A chassis mounted, mechanical broom street sweeper.

Street Sweeper Starfire S-6 Starfire S-6

Power Source: Diesel
A high-production sweeper versatile enough for nearly any use, regardless of the location.

Street Sweeper Galaxy R-4 Galaxy R-4

Power Source: Diesel
A chassis mounted regenerative air street sweeper.

Street Sweeper Galaxy R-6 Galaxy R-6

Power Source: Diesel
A heavy duty chassis mounted regenerative air street sweeper.

Our self-propelled walk behind sweepers range between 28” to 32”. Our Advance sweepers range from 37” to 84” cleaning path. These high performance machines are custom engineered for you and will provide years of reliable service in a broad range of industries such as Healthcare, Education, Government, Hospitality, Retail and public areas, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distributing, Food and Beverage, and virtually any non-residential application.


Bortek Industries offers industrial sweepers from Advance, American Lincoln, PowerBoss® and Clarke. Available in walk behind and ride-on models, and with many different sizes available, Bortek Industries has a sweeper for any type of job.


Bortek Industries also carries parking-lot sweepers from Nite-Hawk, Stewart-Amos, and Wayne. Boasting versatility, efficiency and reliable performance, these products are perfect for nearly any sweeper application.

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