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Walk-Behind Sweeper / Scrubbers

Hammerhead Sweeper/Scrubbers

HammerHead 500SS HammerHead® 500SS new scrubber

This high-quality and durable cleaning machine cleans quietly with a sound level of less than 70dBA.

HammerHead 600SS HammerHead 600SS new scrubber

With superior scrubbing and quiet operation, this walk-behind sweeper/scrubber is an ideal cleaning choice for any facility.

Advance Adfinity X20C Advance Adfinity X20C EcoFlex

Power Source: Battery
Ergonomically designed operator compartment with tilt wheel and unsurpassed visibility for all of your advanced scrubbing needs.

Advance SC750 and SC800 Advance SC750 & SC800 EcoFlex

Power Source: Battery
new scrubberThese rugged cleaning powerhouses feature high capacity solution tanks, the flexibility to clean across the entire cleaning spectrum from green to clean, and simple operation with robust scrubbing controls. The SC750™ and SC800™ are the next generation of mid-size scrubbers that deliver high productivity for faster ROI.

Advance Warrior 28 C Advance Warrior 28 C EcoFlex

Power Source: Battery
Our flagship Advance Warrior 28ST and 34ST large Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers and scrubber/sweepers offer Best in class Industrial strength durability, safety, and performance.

PowerBoss Phoenix 20 PowerBoss® Phoenix 20

Power Source: Battery
Designed to be comfortable for operators of all sizes, the Phoenix 20 automatic walk-behind scrubber is available in both disk and cylindrical models.

PowerBoss Phoenix 24 PowerBoss® Phoenix 24

Power Source: Battery
Featuring a cylindrical brush deck and simple handling, the Phoenix 24 delivers even cleaning results across the entire width of the machine.

PowerBoss Phoenix 26 PowerBoss® Phoenix 26

Power Source: Battery
Featuring a disc brush deck equipped with Aqua-Stop, the Phoenix 26 delivers powerful cleaning results in a simple to handle machine.

PowerBoss Phoenix 28 PowerBoss® Phoenix 28

Power Source: Battery
The Phoenix 28 walk-behind scrubber is easy to handle and delivers high performance for low running costs.

PowerBoss Phoenix 28/32 XL PowerBoss® Phoenix 28/32 XL

Power Source: Battery
Available with rotary disc or cylindrical brush decks, the Phoenix 28/32 XL delivers a uniform clean in an industrial built machine.

Factory Cat MiniMagFactory Cat MiniMag

Power Source: Battery
Available in traction or pad assist versions, the Factory Cat MiniMag is the perfect combination of productivity, durability and unmatched cleaning performance.

Factory Cat MagnumFactory Cat Magnum

Power Source: Battery
With 30-gallon solution/recovery tanks, high run times and powerful motor, the Magnum walk-behind scrubber can achieve significant cleaning productivity with excellent agility.

Compact Ride-On Sweeper/Scrubbers
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Advance Advenger Advance Advenger C EcoFlex

Power Source: Battery
Offering the tightest turning radius in the industry at 63", the Advenger is able to easily maneuver through aisles and doorways.

Advance Adgressor 28, 32, 35, 38 Advance Adgressor 28, 32, 35, 38 EcoFlex

Power Source: Battery
Ergonomically designed operator compartment with tilt wheel and unsurpassed visibility.

HammerHead 700RSX HammerHead 700RSX new scrubber

Sweep, clean and sanitize efficiently with the powerful 700RSX sweeper/scrubber that is engineered to cost less than a walk-behind.

PowerBoss Admiral 35 PowerBoss® Admiral 35

Power Source: Battery
With a pre-sweep and scrubbing operation, the Admiral 35 is a powerful, efficient and light-handling ride-on sweeper/scrubber.

Factory Cat XR SeriesFactory Cat XR Series

Power Source: Battery
Rugged and maneuverable, this ride-on scrubber features 68 gallon solution/recovery tanks and up to 46" wide scrub paths.

Factory Cat GTX SeriesFactory Cat GTX Series

Power Source: Battery
Reach speeds up to 37,400 square feet per hour with the Factory Cat GTX ride-on scrubber that features a 7 hour run time and 35-gallon solution/recover tanks.



Mid-Sized Ride-On Sweeper/Scrubbers
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Advance Condor 40, 45, 48 C Advance Condor 40, 45, 48 C EcoFlex

Power Source: Battery
The Condor™ Scrubber has the most scrub path options of any machine in its class.

PowerBoss NautilusPowerBoss® Nautilus

Power Source: Gas, LP, Diesel
new scrubber Easy to maintain and maneuver, the Nautilus delivers powerful cleaning results with its large water capacity and long run times.

PowerBoss Admiral 38C PowerBoss® Admiral 38C

Power Source: Battery
The Admiral 38C is a highly productive and economical scrubber that vacuums and scrubs for a powerful clean.

PowerBoss Admiral 40 PowerBoss® Admiral 40

Power Source: Battery
Offering intensive wet cleaning and dry vacuuming in one operation, the Admiral 40 sweeper/scrubber delivers high performance and savings in one unique machine.

Large Ride-On Sweeper/Scrubbers
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Advance CS7000 Advance CS7000 EcoFlex

Power Source: LP, Diesel, Battery
new scrubberThe industry’s first Hybrid and ePower™ Drive Combination Sweeper–Scrubbers slash your total cost of ownership. The new green class of industrial cleaning technology has arrived.

Advance SC8000 Advance SC8000™ EcoFlex

Power Source: Gas, LP, Diesel
new scrubberPowered by a Kubota engine, the SC8000™ is designed to be a very comfortable and safe to use sweeper scrubber.

Advance 7765 Advance 7765

Power Source: Gas, LP, Diesel
The 7765 high capacity sweeper/scrubber is designed to maintain your facility inside and out. Available in gas, LP and diesel versions.

PowerBoss Commander C82 PowerBoss® Commander C82

Power Source: Gas, LP, Diesel
Pre-sweep and intensely scrub at the same time with this industrial scrubber that has excellent traction and dependability.

PowerBoss Commander T82 PowerBoss® Commander T82

Power Source: Gas, LP, Diesel
With up to a 54-inch sweep path and a multi-level, high-dump hopper, the Commander T82 is an industrial sweeper/scrubber that is built for efficiency and reliability.

PowerBoss Commander T90 PowerBoss® Commander T90

Power Source: Gas, LP, Diesel
A high-capacity and powerful machine, the Commander T90 features 100-gallon solution and recovery tanks, a 16 cubic foot multi-level high dump hopper and up to a 60" sweep path.

PowerBoss Monitor 82 PowerBoss® Monitor 82

Power Source: Gas, LP or Diesel
Powerfully scrubbing and sweeping in one pass, the Monitor 82 is an effective and efficient sweeper/scrubber.

PowerBoss Monitor 90 PowerBoss® Monitor 90

Power Source: Gas, LP or Diesel
With double the scrubbing power, the Monitor 90 is powerful sweeper/scrubber machine with a 100-gallon solution/recovery tank and up to a 60" sweep path.

Floor sweeper scrubbers offer an unsurpassed level of performance from manufacturers like Nilfisk, PowerBoss, Advance and American-Lincoln. Bortek Industries has an extensive line of power floor sweepers scrubbers for use in commercial and industrial applications.

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