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Parking Lot Sweepers

High capacity and high power, Bortek Industries™ offers a variety of sweeper trucks perfect for parking lot sweeping from Advance, American-Lincoln, and Nite-Hawk. Just like buildings and factory floors, parking lots need to be cleaned too. Parking lot sweepers will help you clean faster and with greater efficiency. Available in high productivity litter sweeper/vacs with large sweep paths, high capacity sweepers, glycol removal, and more, all for an affordable price.

Proterra Parking Lot Sweeper


The ideal solution for industrial sweeping applications from factories to warehouses, parking garages to foundries to many more.
  Exterra Parking Lot Sweeper


High Production Sweeping... up to 77 inch dust controlled sweeping
new scrubber
SW8000 Parking Lot Sweeper


Featuring up to a 77-inch sweep path, this industrial sweeper combines the best in dust control with superior productivity
Nite-Hawk NH400-DX sweeper

Nite-Hawk NH400-DX

Delivers unmatched performance and efficiency with their HFP Hydraulic System.
  Parking Lot Sweeper Nite-Hawk Osprey

Nite-Hawk NH200 Osprey

Takes hydraulic operated sweeping to a powerful new level.
Nite-Hawk Raptor sweeper

Nite-Hawk Raptor

With a new hydraulic power system, the Raptor increases performance without sacrificing Nite-Hawk's outstanding fuel efficiency.
  Nite-Hawk Raptor Edge

Nite-Hawk Raptor Edge

With the Raptor Edge, you have the power to sweep in the roughest conditions, which saves you time and money on the job.
PowerBoss Armadillo 6X Industrial Sweeper

PowerBoss® Armadillo 6X

Featuring a 53" sweep path and 90-90 turning radius, the Armadillo 6X is a compact machine that is highly maneuverable.
  PowerBoss Atlas Industrial Sweeper

PowerBoss® Atlas

The Atlas delivers outstanding performance while maneuvering well in tight spaces.
Armadillo 9X - 9XR Industrial Sweeper

PowerBoss® Armadillo 9X & 9XR

Featuring a wide sweep path and 22 cu.ft. high-dump hopper, the cost effective Armadillo 9X/9XR is designed to provide years of reliable service.
  Armadillo 10X Industrial Sweeper

PowerBoss® Armadillo 10X

When continuous sweeping is required, the cost-effective Armadillo 10X delivers with its 30 cubic foot hopper and 84" sweep path.

About Parking Lot Sweepers

Street sweepers are more of a necessity than a luxury. Without street sweepers, the job of keeping outdoors clean would be much more time-intensive and costly. However, street sweepers are a considerable investment. That is why parking lot sweepers are an excellent alternative for those with a smaller budget.


There are many parking lot sweepers for sale online at sweeperland.com. These floor cleaners are ideal for roads, streets, and parking lots. Some used parking lot sweepers can remove the presence of contaminants, particularly automotive fluids, which could cause pollution to your drainage and bodies of water like creeks.


How to Purchase Parking Lot Sweepers

The easiest and most cost-effective way to purchase parking lot sweepers is by going online. You don't need to be computer-savvy to take advantage of the parking lot sweepers for sale online. However, you should keep a few things in mind.


First, what type of area are you looking to clean using parking lot sweepers? Some sweepers are designed for smaller areas and boast compact design with great usability. Other sweepers are constructed for large area cleaning and durability. By knowing how you will use your parking lot sweepers, you’ll have a better understanding of your actual needs. This will help narrow your search.


Once you know what your needs are, you should look online to see what available machines match those needs. The market is constantly changing, so it is best to do this research close to the time you’ll be purchasing the parking lot sweepers. Otherwise, you may find parking lot sweepers for sale that are perfect for your cleaning needs, but by the time you are ready to buy them, they may have already been sold.


After you find which models are available you can then research how those models stack up against each other.


You’ll specifically want to check user ratings of the parking lot sweepers for sale. These ratings, usually denoted by stars or a satisfaction percentage, are an average of all the user ratings who left comments on the site about those particular parking lot sweepers. While this rating can be very helpful in deciding which machine is right for you, you have to be sure to check to see how many people actually rated these parking lot sweepers. The more ratings received, the more accurate the rating is.


For example, one particular model of parking lot sweepers may have received a lower score than it should have. This is because only one customer left a comment. And that one customer could have rated it low on one particular feature that does not apply to your situation. Therefore, it is always recommended you take the number of ratings into account when you find parking lot sweepers ratings.


The other component in making an informed online purchase of parking lot sweepers is actually reading the user comments. Often times the comments can explain why the user rated the product a certain way, giving you great insight into the quality you have interest in purchasing. Some comments may focus on features that don’t apply to you. For instance, one customer may rate parking lot sweepers low because they are too large for their needs. This same model may be perfect for your uses. If you have a particular feature in mind that is most important to you when you are searching for parking lot sweepers, scour the online comments and focus on those that discuss that particular feature. This will help you make a better informed decision.


One particular feature you should look for in the online comments of parking lot sweepers is durability. The model you choose should be rated highly for durability to ensure you receive a quality product that will last. Many parking lot sweepers are built rugged for continued use in harsh conditions. These types of parking lot sweepers are ideal because you can be confident they will perform well for a long time after purchase.


Once you find the model that most closely matches your cleaning needs, you can then purchase this model of parking lot sweepers online. By doing a little research, you save extra money and time in the end. It is better to research the different types of available parking lot sweepers than to pick one and regret your decision. By doing a little research, you’ll feel confident in your decision and be happy with the parking lot sweepers you purchased.




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