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Used Floor Scrubbers

Bortek Industries sweepers scrubbers

There are some vacuum cleaners that claim to be able to clean both carpets and bare floors, just like automatic floor scrubbers. For bare floors, these vacuums simply use their nozzles to suck dirt and dust into the machine’s dust container. However, floor scrubbers use brushes to agitate or dig the dirt out that has been embedded into carpets, resulting in a more effective cleaning. Unlike used floor scrubbers, vacuum cleaners cannot remove spills that have been crusted in floor surfaces nor polish them. This is why floor scrubbers are the ideal solution to your floor cleaning needs.

Used floor scrubbers, in essence, are vacuum cleaners that have scrubbing brushes built in to enable them to perform wet and dry cleaning of bare floors. These brushes work in conjunction with the vacuum unit built into the scrubber. First, floor scrubbers vacuum dry dirt from the floor. Then the used floor scrubbers use a cleaning solution to wet clean your floors and remove spills and other dirt. Some models of automatic floor scrubbers use separate brushes for cleaning tiles and for the grout between the tiles, while others do not.

Things to Consider When Buying Used Floor Scrubbers

When looking for floor scrubbers or used floor scrubbers, there are three items you should consider: features, user ratings, and user-friendliness.

Most customers look at the features of floor scrubbers first. These features provide an idea of how well the floor scrubbers will perform for the cleaning tasks the customer has. They provide a picture of the floor scrubbers as intended by their manufacturers. While features of floor scrubbers are important, they are not the only consideration that should be made.

Another important consideration you should take when purchasing new floor scrubbers or used floor scrubbers is user feedback. User feedback provides valuable insight into how well the particular floor scrubbers worked. These ratings and comments are especially helpful when trying to decide between two or more models of floor scrubbers. When reading user ratings, be sure to also read the comments that generated the ratings. Often, users rate floor scrubbers on a few features, features which may not apply to your cleaning needs. Another tip is to make sure many users have given feedback to reach the rating of the floor scrubbers. Floor scrubbers with a lower rating may be the perfect model for you, just not the perfect model for the only person that rated it. The more users rating the used floor scrubbers, the more accurate the information.

The final important consideration you should make when purchasing floor scrubbers is user-friendliness. Floor scrubbers should be easily learned and used. If you purchase floor scrubbers that are difficult to operate or hard to understand, you’re losing valuable time that could be spent cleaning your floors. The more easily the floor scrubbers are used, the more efficient they are.

Where Can You Find These Floor scrubbers?

Thanks to the internet, purchasing used floor scrubbers is easy. You can compare different models quickly, read user ratings and comments, and purchase floor scrubbers, all without leaving your chair.

Below are some highly recommended new floor scrubbers and used floor scrubbers:

Condor™ & Condor™ AXP Floor Scrubbers
These automatic floor scrubbers have the most scrub path options of any machine in its class. To meet your cleaning needs, disc or cylindrical interchangeable scrub decks are available in 40, 45 or 48 inch sizes, unlike most floor scrubbers. And with the cylindrical model of these floor scrubbers, retractable side brooms eliminate manual sweeping along racks and walls, resulting in cleaner floors. Rugged Condor™ rider automatic floor scrubbers are equipped with impressive 70 gallon solution and recovery tanks, the largest in its size. These automatic floor scrubbers are rated highly for their productivity due to longer run times between dump and fill cycles.

Encore² Walk-behind Floor Scrubbers
This model of floor scrubbers offers large tank capacity and scrub paths, along with long run time options to minimize those big jobs. Because of these features, it ranks highly amount other floor scrubbers in its class. Standard model features provide high speed light scrubbing or grime-cutting scrubbing with up to 220 pounds of head pressure, giving it an edge above other floor scrubbers. In addition to its outstanding productivity, it is also rated best-in-class for its maneuverability, making it an excellent choice in floor scrubbers.

Vantage 17 Floor Scrubbers
This model of automatic floor scrubbers is perhaps the most highly maneuverable and compact 17" on the market today. It provides the highest scrubbing performance, making it an excellent choice when looking for floor scrubbers. The scrubber features a large opening to the recovery tank that allows for easy cleaning, rating it highly for usability by users of floor scrubbers. The on-board battery charger gives the user the option of taking these floor scrubbers just about anywhere.

Kent/Euroclean Razor™ Plus Floor Scrubbers
The intelligent design of the Razor automatic floor scrubbers ensure fast, effective floor cleaning with maximum productivity. This model of floor scrubbers is simple to operate yet extremely efficient and thoroughly reliable, a workhorse that quickly pays for itself. Users also rate this model highly for usability because it features an ergonomic and adjustable handle. This makes it possible for multiple users to operate the Razor comfortably and efficiently, unlike most other floor scrubbers.

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